Clear and actionable analysis

Our team originates from a range of backgrounds – including operational intelligence, law enforcement, and academia – which provides them with the skills and experience to understand that information only becomes intelligence when it’s actionable. 

We only provide intelligence tailored to a particular client or situation in close coordination with their own senior leadership or intelligence teams: this could be looking at a particular area of interest during a market entry exercise, assessing the intent and capability of particular threat groups, or gathering intelligence to help security teams protect their people. 

The intelligence we collect is insightful, lawful and corroborated from a range of sources, and when coupled with our industry-leading analysis tools we’ve helped organisations from around the world deal with sensitive, difficult and important challenges.

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Social media analytics

We use advanced social media analytics tools, such as Dataminr, to augment our intelligence collection anywhere on the planet. This includes listening for significant events to activate crisis management teams, such as terrorist attacks or nuclear weapons tests, or using big data to monitor how a geopolitical situation is evolving. 

The use of social media analytics for intelligence and resilience is central to our work: the ubiquity of mobile devices with high-quality photography and video means that more information is captured and recorded on social networks in a few seconds than across the rest of human history combined until 2000. We use this data, where appropriate and lawful, to inform our tailored intelligence reporting to clients.

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Open and closed source media monitoring

We regularly carry out open source media monitoring in multiple languages, across both open and closed publications and channels, to help our clients to better understand their operating environment and to quantify potential threats to their people, operations or resilience. 

We have language specialisms in Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin and Russian – using security-cleared translators and interpreters – which can give an unrivalled insight not only into both what might be happening, but how particular developments are being viewed by local populations. 

We use a range of advanced tools and datasets to help us carry out this monitoring in a way which is tailored, efficient and cost effective – three critical components of our close relationships with our clients to help them better understand the world around them.

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Human source enquiries

The internet has changed a lot about the modern world, including how we gather and analyse information, but from our perspective human source intelligence is timeless and forms a central pillar of everything that we do. 

We have extensive experience in managing source networks both in developed and developing countries to provide perspective, context and insights which just aren’t available using any other method. The ability to identify, assess and build relationships with potential sources is a skill set that we prioritise when looking to add new members to our team. 

Human source enquiries also regularly provide the ‘aha’ moment, connecting two completely unrelated components of the intelligence picture which can then be corroborated using open and social media sources or other advanced techniques.

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Other advanced techniques

Advances in technology in the last 5 years – particularly satellite and earth sensing infrastructure, as well as machine learning – have revolutionised how we carry out our work. 

We have direct relationships with the most comprehensive satellite constellation operators in the market to immediately source quality imagery – both static and video – to help our clients understand the aftermath of a potential incident or crisis, or to get a better understanding of an area of the world which is remote before a potential market entry exercise. 

We are also at the cutting edge of applying machine learning to intelligence problems, whether it’s the use of image classifiers to identify relevant online intelligence or face comparisons to focus in our investigations.

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