Investigations Consultant

We're looking for a new member of our fast growing investigations practice who enjoys the thrill of the chase, understands how to build a robust and successful case, and wants to work closely with an experienced team with some fantastic clients.

We're expanding our investigations team

We’re currently looking for a professional, dynamic and fun individual to join our investigations team. Our projects span across the globe (yes, even during the pandemic) which vary from internal corruption, organised crime to multi-million pound frauds. This year alone our work has crossed multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan and many others. If you have a passion for investigations, this could be the role for you!

Who are we looking for?

This is a great opportunity to be part of a close knit, growing team and to work on interesting investigation and intelligence projects in an exciting and fast-paced environment.

We’re looking for a new consultant to join our investigations team, who will also have the chance to work on our intelligence and security consulting projects. Unlike working for government agencies, this is also a client facing role where delivering work to a high standard and within tight deadlines is required.

A percentage of our investigation work is focussed on private criminal prosecutions, but please don’t be put off by this: it doesn’t necessarily mean we are looking for solely former law enforcement officers to fill this role, and we are keen to hear from those who have wide ranging investigations experience.

Some of the key skills and attributes we are looking for are:

  • Experience in being the lead investigator (‘Officer in the Case’) in complex investigations in the last 3 years.
  • Experience handling sensitive intelligence and making crucial decisions based on the information you have to hand (and, potentially, in circumstances where you don’t have as much information as you’d like).
  • Addicted to problem solving and creative solutions, while making sure no stone is left unturned.
  • Have a sound knowledge of PACE, RIPA, and CPIA Disclosure obligations, and proactive and reactive investigation techniques.
  • Keen to meet and engage with new and unfamiliar faces.
  • Able to adapt very quickly based on the character and professional background of the people that you’re engaging with– in some cases you may be speaking with victims, witnesses, technical experts, human sources, clients or barristers.
  • Thrive on the buzz of providing a fast response to criminality in action with a team that will support you at every step of the way – but also at potentially unsociable hours, and at short notice.
  • Having the ability to naturally take to using new technology.
  • Happy to work long hours when there’s a critical client need, and occasionally abroad for unknown periods of time.
  • Someone who enjoys working closely with a tight-knit and sociable team.
  • A keen interest in the evolving cryptocurrency investigation sphere.

Although clearly background knowledge and experience in complex investigations and case management are a prerequisite, we’re not looking for clones; anyone with problem solving ability, curiosity and flexibility generated through a diverse background will be perfect for the role. Where certain skills are needed (such as surveillance) we can train you; while experience in investigations is needed, having the right fit in the team is just as important.

We have also built our expertise in crypto investigations and seen a huge increase in projects in this area, so if you have a keen interest in building your knowledge and experience in dealing with these type of investigations, then look no further.

What kind of work would I be doing?

  • Unlike many other investigation roles, the work you will be doing varies wildly and can lead to a variety of interesting and unusual jurisdictions; most recently our investigations have included locations like Los Angeles, Russia, Dubai, Nepal and Pakistan. That having been said, the majority of the work for this role will be done from our central London office or remotely at home.
  • Meeting with clients and devising an investigation strategy based on their needs and desired outcomes, be it private criminal prosecution, civil litigation, or advisory work.
  • Acting as ‘Officer in the Case’ and ‘Disclosure Officer’ in large and high profile private criminal prosecutions, working closely with lawyers, victims and counsel in preparation of cases and presentation at court.
  • Analysing, assessing and presenting evidence gathered in the course of an investigation to clients.
  • Attending case conferences with the rest of a prosecuting team.
  • Collaborating with industry partners to pursue an investigation or gather intelligence.
  • Seize and sift through documents whilst adhering to CPIA Disclosure obligations.
  • Liaising and engaging with Law Enforcement Agencies while responding to ‘crime in action’.
  • Supporting security and cyber assessment work and offering crime prevention/security advice.
  • Working with our technical platforms investigating cryptocurrency related cases.
  • Utilising our significant range of data platforms to carry out enhanced due diligence and asset tracing investigations.
  • Deploying and conducting intelligence-led covert surveillance in the UK and abroad.
  • Briefing security and surveillance operatives in support of a wide range of investigations, from fraud to physical penetration testing.
  • Collating intelligence from human sources and redacting where this is highly sensitive.
  • Working alongside our security and crisis consultants to assist in projects from time to time and where required, both in the UK and overseas.

What's the package?

We’ve always felt that it’s really important to be totally transparent with our people about what we can offer. It’s also very important to us that our team are completely incentivised to do their best to help our clients, and feel comfortable that they have a future in a fast-growing, innovative firm where their personal growth is prioritised and they can have influence over what we do, the direction we’re going in, and the work we do for our clients. The successful candidate will:

  • Between £50,000 and £70,000 per annum depending on experience.
  • Be incentivised through a 10% commission on the gross profit of any engagements they win with new clients, with no cap!
  • Benefit from BUPA health insurance.
  • Workplace pension scheme.
  • Cycle to work scheme.
  • Have the opportunity to have a real say on what we do and how we do it, including our direction and culture in a small but high growth firm.
  • Flexible working and holiday arrangements – some of the team like to work from home once or twice per week, which we definitely encourage (pre and post COVID!). We also know the many benefits of the team being together, so we would expect you to work in the London office usually depending on your own comfort with the prevailing situation as well as government advice.

What's the application process?

The first stage of this process would be a paper application; A lot of our work involves developing good looking, easy to read documents, so the way you present your CV/resume information is important to us, so don’t be afraid to try a new approach to get our attention. We don’t use resume scanning systems which penalise one CV/resume format over another – humans will read every one.

Once these have been received, we would get in touch with particular individuals that fit the bill to take forward to the next round.

From that point, we’ll then conduct interviews and a more comprehensive assessment and presentation to identify the successful candidate. The assessments will be designed to test your ability to absorb new information, identify the key elements of a case, devise an investigation strategy and present it confidently and convincingly using writing, graphic design and any other skills you can muster to convince us of the merits of your chosen approach.

Every individual that gets to the final assessment phase will be automatically considered for future positions. We’ll also take time in the process for you to get to know our team.

How do I apply?

Please send your CV/resume to us at:
The deadline for these submissions will be:
July 31, 2022