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Consultant | Crisis and Security Strategy Team (ongoing)

We're currently looking for new Consultants to join our crisis and security strategy consulting team, who will also get the chance to work on intelligence and investigations projects.

It’s an important client facing role, delivering work everyday for clients to improve their ability to respond to crisis and incidents and to reduce their risks – including when operating in difficult or hostile environments. You’d be working with global organisations – from telecommunications, to banking, to insurers, to NGOs – to help them understand how to become more resilient to changes in the global security environment. Most of the time you’ll be asking what could go wrong, and how can we prepare for it. 

Who are we looking for?

We’re very open minded about who this position would suit – and so predominantly we’re looking for particular character traits and experiences rather than knowledge or expertise in a particular sector. Do you:

  • get on easily with people from a wide range of backgrounds, perhaps even if they don't speak the same language?
  • become obsessed with identifying and fixing problems, and with researching detailed and appropriate potential ways of solving them?
  • find yourself reading extensively about areas of the world that you're unfamiliar with?
  • find it exciting to visit and work in a new country, even if it's unfamiliar or - in some cases - dangerous?
  • have an interest in how organisations respond to serious crises, such as terrorist attacks, reputational damage or pandemic?
  • have experience dealing with highly stressful or crisis situations personally?
  • naturally take to using new technologies easily?
  • feel you'd want to be ready to work with clients when they need you, even if it's on the weekend or in the middle of the night?
  • consistently read and are interested in current events?
  • have a deep knowledge of another region, including a second language?
  • want to work really closely with a tight-knit team?

If you think all of these apply to you, and you have experiences that can back that up, we can teach you the rest. Experience in a similar client-facing role would be desirable, whether in the public or private sector. 

What kind of work would I be doing?

Like any job, it varies: we feel the work that we do is absolutely fascinating, and enables us to see parts of the world (and parts of organisations) that very few get to see. That being said, it’s not always possible to work on the most interesting projects all of the time: but you’ll definitely learn, a lot, consistently and build extremely close relationships with our clients. Your day to day would generally fall into a few different areas:

  • Meeting with clients for the first time, and using your curiosity and interest to understand their problem in detail.
  • Review problems that clients are facing (for example, how to keep their Gulf business secure as tensions escalate with Iran) and identify ways of solving it.
  • Outlining your solution in a proposal for the client in a way which is easy to read, graphical and convincing.
  • Travelling (a lot) to work with that client anywhere in the world - in the last three months alone, our team have worked in the US, the UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and Lebanon.
  • Working with individuals and teams within our clients, collecting information and intelligence which could help implement your solution.
  • Running workshops and crisis management exercises to test organisations on how well they would respond to a crisis, and to assess what would break.
  • Use some of our specialist technologies like Dataminr or Cascade to collect and manage threat intelligence relevant to your project, and make sense of it for your client
  • Monitoring world events and keeping an eye on how they could affect your clients.
  • Get involved in intelligence and investigations projects - including everything from collecting human source information, to conducting surveillance.
  • Working with clients in the middle of crises alongside lawyers and legal teams to provide intelligence, advise on how to respond to the crisis, and even conduct on-the-ground evacuations.

You’d be travelling a lot, but usually based at our office in London’s Soho – a busy, vibrant part of the city adjacent to large firms like Twitter and Warner Brothers.


What's the package?

We’ve always felt that it’s really important to be totally transparent with our people about what we can offer. It’s also very important to us that our team are completely incentivised to do their best to help our clients, and feel comfortable that they have a future in a fast-growing, innovative firm where their personal growth is prioritised and they can have influence over what we do, the direction we’re going in, and the work we do for our clients. The successful candidate will: 

  • Receive between £50,000 and £60,000 per annum depending on experience.
  • Benefit from full BUPA health insurance.
  • Regular access to a training budget for external professional development courses, as well as courses we run internally (like Crisis Management or Surveillance/Counter-surveillance).
  • Be incentivised through a 10% commission on the gross profit of any consulting or technology engagements they win for themselves with new clients, with no cap - which is extremely unusual in our industry.
  • Flexible working and holiday arrangements (although we'd expect you to work usually in the London office).
  • Have the opportunity to have a real say on what we do and how we do it, including our direction and culture in a small but high growth firm.
  • Gain experience on software product ownership, design and development with our Cascade platform.
  • Potentially gain a UK Security Clearance (SC) depending on nationality and residency.

What's the application process?


We're currently hiring on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis

We tend to get in touch with particular individuals that fit the bill to take forward to a first round of interviews and a remote assessment. From that point, we’ll then conduct face-to-face interviews and a more comprehensive assessment and presentation to identify the successful candidate. Every individual that gets to the final assessment phase will be automatically considered for future positions. The assessments will be designed to test your ability to absorb new information, scope out a problem, devise a solution and present it confidently and convincingly using writing, graphic design and any other skills you can muster to convince us of the merits of your chosen approach. We’ll also take time in the process for you to get to know our team.

How do I apply?

It’s always frustrating to fill out a long, detailed, job-specific assessment for a position and then never hear back. We’ve decided that for our first stage a CV/resume is absolutely fine, as this will give us a good starting point to understand your background and experiences which could be relevant for the role. A lot of our job involves developing good looking, easy to read documents which our clients will use in the middle of a crisis – so the way you present your CV/resume information is important to us, so don’t be afraid to try a new approach to get our attention. We don’t use resume scanning systems which penalise one CV/resume format over another – humans will read every one. You can submit this using the email address below – but be sure to include your current contact information!