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High net worth terrorism and DIY jihadismm

Terrorism as a threat to finances is often overlooked in favour of organised criminality online. In the latest edition of the ISIS magazine, Rumiyah, intended for western radical audiences, the terrorist-organisation called for targeted attacks against high net-worth individuals and corporations. This edition was released in the Islamic calendar month of Rajab, falling this year between 29th March and 26th April. In it lies a clear dichotomy, painting the world in black-and-white, of right and wrong, using theological justifications to kill the rich; “Just as the blood of the kafir is halal to shed, so too is the kafir’s wealth halal to take.”

This move by ISIS to target the wealthy can be seen in tandem with their substantial military defeats over the past ten months in Iraq and Syria, including parts of Mosul and the symbolically infamous town of Dabiq. Since then, there has been a notable switch from sophisticated and well-orchestrated attacks in the west, such as the Paris attacks in November 2015, to calls for more primitive and simplistic methods; a ‘DIY Jihadism’. In the October 2016 edition of Rumiyah, the group urged lone wolf assailants to “overcome their squeamishness” and carry out knife attacks, even offering advice on blade types and their easy acquisition. However, the latest edition of Rumiyah denotes a clear adaptation of al-Qaeda’s practice of ‘economic terrorism’, which specifically targeted western government infrastructure and commodities, as well as large corporations viewed as symbols of corrupt globalisation. The new ISIS article states, “Whether the financial damage is on an individual kafir or the cause of perpetual loss to a business, the Muslim in Dar al-Kufr has the opportunity to follow this blessed sunnah, striking terror by stalking the kuffar and causing them economic harm.”

During the past year we have seen a systematic descaling of ISIS efforts to lure recruits to their ‘Caliphate’, and a push for attacks within European borders by home-grown radicals. The terrorist threat landscape along with their modus operandi and targeting patterns will continue to evolve. By its very nature terrorism must adapt to more stringent national security measures implemented on the heels of prior successful attacks, while pioneering new methods of destruction. As such, it is not simply enough to turn off your geo-located social media posts or build impenetrable walls in your home.

At AnotherDay our consultants provide the latest terrorism analysis drawing on years of experience in cross sector security services, to help you secure your online and offline world against the physical and cyber threat posed by terrorism and organised crime. For families, our Safelife package provides a full life review of your family and travel security arrangements. For business, our consultants design optimum procedures to guard against terrorism and organised crime.

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